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Shaka Smart Is The Lockdown Defender That Basketball Fans Have Been Begging To See

You know what? My hands are tied, I have no choice but to respect this from Shaka Smart. Sure, it didn't help Marquette last night because UConn's offense is as elite as it gets. But when you're down Tyler Kolek, you gotta take matters into your own hands. We've already seen Shaka get into defensive stances, bother shooters and cut off the baseline. What's one more attempt at being on the floor and playing 6-on-5? 

Here's the other thing, it shouldn't be Shaka you're mad at. It's the refs. They LOVE to give technical fouls for the dumbest things and softest things possible. They are supposed to warn and then give a technical here. They are letting Shaka play 6-on-5. I don't know why. I mean I've seen John Calipari get technicals for simply walking outside the coach's box. Shaka is trying to pad his stats out here by blocking shots. 

I know we shouldn't be cheering for this, but I need Shaka to go opposing coach from Friday Night Lights and legit get a steal. 

Waiting for Shaka to sprint out there and stop a 2-on-1 fastbreak. He's got good form, gotta give it to him. Feet shoulder wide, ass down, palms out and high hands. Give him Big East Defensive Player of the Year at this point. Until the refs stop it, it's time to embrace it. Shaka Smart is the best defender we'll ever see.