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Nobody Has Ever Appeared To Be Caught Looking At Some Boobs Harder Than This Guy Who Decided To Ignore Steph's Golf Celebration

Let's all gather around and say a little prayer for our buddy in the back here. This man is in for a long, long day. You can't search Steph Curry on Twitter without people talking about him. You got people cutting out everything but him in the picture just to prove a point. Brutal, brutal timing to be caught looking the other way. But the lesson as always - be aware of your surroundings. You're sitting on the wood! You gotta know there's gonna be cameras any and all directions. Can't be going cartoon style with your head going in circles, head on a swivel if anything. 

And, hey, he might have some excuse here. He could say she was screaming. He could say she said something and drew his attention. Could make up a lie, who knows. All I know is he's the only person in the photo looking the other way and directly at her. We all see. You see it. Everybody this fella knows on social media is seeing it. It might be wrong, but I assume the voice in his head is just Jerry Lawler screaming puppies like it's 1998 all over again. 

I wonder when he knew he got caught by the cameras and social media? Was it on the drive home, because that's gotta be worst case scenario. Just walking in 'honey how was the game? Oh you know, pretty good. Steph uh did his thing I guess.' Bam picture in your face. Gotta have some time to get ready to explain. 

PS: Uhh, go retro and send out the patrol?