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If Kauffman Stadium Gets Torn Down Then George Brett Better Get One Of The Urinals

This is the perfect answer for George Brett, the absolute perfect answer. Saying that he wants a urinal from Kauffman Stadium to put in his house fits him so well. And him saying he already has urinals in his house is the most George Brett thing ever. You've already got 5 in your house, might as well trade your old one for a game used one? We've all dreamt about having our man cave with a urinal in it but Brett is out living that life and more. It's a great idea for a souvenir from the ballpark that he played so long in. I don't think it's an unreasonable ask either, he's the greatest Royal ever and honestly if he wants the crown from on top of the scoreboard in his backyard he should be able to have that. Brett has to have first pick when it comes time to get rid of some of this stuff so why not ask for the holy grail. The Royals have to make this happen. You'd think he'd want one of the toilets from the ballpark on account of his famous shitting himself story but the urinal is a fantastic pick too. I love how he's already thought about this and probably has a plumber on standby for when it happens. It's going to be like delivering a heart to someone in need. They'll have it helicoptered across town and installed immediately so Brett can get it in the bathroom ASAP. 

Great idea of him to ask for a Yankee Stadium urinal before that got torn down too, but in no way should he have gotten one. With he Royals he has all the power in the world to ask for it, hell I'm shocked he doesn't just go take it now. Other legends to use it are guys like Bo Jackson, Witt Jr. Sal Perez, Mike Sweeney, Alex Gordon, and Carlos Beltran, any Royals fan would be lucky to toss one of those in their house, but for Brett this is a must have. They need to have a ceremony before the stadium blows up where they award Brett his urinal. Play some nice music, he'll give a speech, he'll cry and they will award him his new urinal. Anyone could buy a seat from Yankee Stadium or Memorial Stadium or any old ballpark, but not everyone can have a urinal, and I guarantee we will see old George pissing in a Kauffman Stadium urinal while it's inside his house. Makes me wonder if Sammy Sosa will ask for the troughs from Wrigley when that gets torn down. Guy just loves urinals, what can ya say?

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