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Ain't No Curses - Frank The Tank is The Official King Of Seton Hall Basketball, Single-Handedly Willed Them To A Win Over Nova

Hmm who could this be? 

Perhaps a man known for ranting whenever he feels the need to? If you consider that loud, so be it. All I know is the game flipped the moment FS1 came back from commercial with an up close shot of Frank the Tank. Some may say he only cheers for losing teams, but then you remember his dad made him go to bed and miss a World Series. So it's not his fault, clearly. In the words of Friday Night Lights, ain't no curses. 

But make no mistake, this was a must-win for Seton Hall. They are now a win over DePaul away from a 20-win regular season and firmly on the bubble. You lose to Nova and it's Big East Tournament or bust. That's why you gotta be a loud heckler. Welcome to the thunder dome, Nova. You think a 66-56 win happens without some Tank energy at Prudential Center? You can't haul him out of there that easily. 

The Storm Chasers might be at UCF, but the man simply known as the Tank just willed Seton Hall to a win.