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A Guy Is Going Viral For Thinking He Invented "Bottle Night", Where He Simply Drinks Wine And Talks To His Partner For A Night

I love this guy. Everything about him screams legend. LinkedIn headshot as his Twitter profile picture, sipping a bottle of white without a cup, and sparking a viral Twitter meme at the expense of him thinking he invented a night inside with your partner. Maybe I'm old, but we just called this being married in my day. Twitter is so great sometimes.

Funny is funny.

Just wait until he finds out that the original bottle night was Edwards 40 Hands where you tape two 40s to your hands and can't leave until you finish or violently vomit everywhere in the process. But nope, we got this real estate mogul making it his own. Real estate Twitter is just rebranding every single thing imaginable, making every part of your life "content", then you push your newsletter and rinse/repeat. 

At least you'll forever know where drinking and hanging out with a woman was created in Buffalo, New York during a blizzard. 

P.S. This guy's semi addicted to making money too: