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Program Saved - Indiana Fans Have Already Turned On Mike Woodson, Started A Petition For The School To Fire Him Immediately

Look at Indiana fans trying to inspire some hope into their basketball team! Sure, they haven't won anything in decades and yelled at everyone who said Mike Woodson was a whatever hire at best, look at them rallying around a fire. I'm sure it's all going to be we fire Mike Woodson to hire Dusty May and bring home someone else from the IU community, but I can't help but laugh at the fact they state 'Mike Woodson has not met the standard set by Indiana basketball.'

Uhh, what? The standard is being an average seed at best in the NCAA Tournament. That's who Indiana basketball has been ever since Bobby Knight. A few Sweet 16s, that one miracle run with Mike Davis, but other than that this is exactly who Indiana basketball is. Bobby Knight won a shit ton of titles and had IU into blueblood status, but that was only Bobby Knight. They've mad four Sweet 16s in the last 30 years! That's not a small sample size. I'm not nitpicking stats here. This is just who Indiana is. A program who wants to think they are the elite when in reality they are just another program. 

You know what? I've thought about it and taking out my hatred for Indiana. I want them to move on from Mike Woodson, strictly so this tweet happens once a year. 

I never want our beloved pal Clem to go through Bobby Bonilla tweets again, but for the college basketball world we need it. Indiana paying out a million a year for a guy who thinks this is the way to coach in 2024 is perfect. 

Pretty sure Woodson has only ever watched Zach Edey play this year. But, hey, good luck with that petition. I'm sure Indiana really cares.