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Dave Has Cut The Klemmer Stream...But He's Still Down There



Dave caught wind of the Klemmer Stream and has decided watching Klemmer sleep was simply too boring. Fair enough. Klemmer signed up to do solitary confinement for 100 hours and has declined doing all the challenges and has spent the better part of the last day sleeping. While I can't blame him for that, as he's bored to death, you also can't blame Dave for cutting the stream. 

But the catch is...he's still down there. With 50 hours remaining. He's literally mumbling to nobody right now. We still have a camera going to catch reactions, and I'm still going to feed him, but this is now true solitary confinement. No more challenges, no more interaction. 

Him coming out on Friday and finding this out might be the most torture ever. Might need to keep a taser on me.