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The New Anne Hathaway/Nicholas Galitzine Movie "The Idea Of You" Is Based On A One Direction Fan Fiction Book

Let's get this out of the way first - I cannot WAIT to see this movie. Appointment viewing for any boy band lover of any age. Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine have more chemistry in this trailer than I've seen in any rom com/romantic movie in YEARS (with the exception of Anyone But You, I suppose.) The concept of the guy in the famous boy band falling for a slightly older random woman and bringing her into this WHIRLWIND earth shattering romance? Fucking duh. Sign me up. 

What's hilarious about this movie, though, is that it's based on a book that is admittedly One Direction fan fiction. I personally have yet to read the book itself (I've ordered it, it'll be here Friday) but I know the story loosely, which is basically that Harry Styles spies a woman in the audience and falls in love with her. A tale as old as time, a fantasy men and women dream of every day. 

I am left with a few questions....does Harry Styles get a cut from this movie? Does One Direction see a resurgence after this is done? Do we have reunion tours on deck? Does this open the door for MORE boy bands to burst onto the scene? Could we use the fictional band of "August Moon" and turn them into real pop stars? When is the last time we got a group of hot guys together to sing sweet nothings straight into our eyes, so believably so that it inspires stories like these? Lots to think about, as always.