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"Somebody Gonna Get Hurt" - Udonis Haslem Continues To Embarrass Himself After Once Again Talking About Beating Up Paul Pierce

Damian Strohmeyer. Getty Images.


OK, this is starting to get sad at this point. Every clip we get of Udonis Haslem trying to act tough and talk about beating up Paul Pierce is more cringy than the last. How could we forget a little over a month ago when he declared that it was on sight if he ever saw KG/Pierce in the store?

Now here he is again saying "he's not all about those Twitter fingers" or whatever. Uhhh Udonis, that is exactly what you are doing, just in podcast form! The crazy part is he truly believes there isn't a difference, which is what make this so embarrassing for him. He thinks he comes off great with this charade all because Heat Twitter masturbates to it, but it is extremely pathetic. Role players talking like star players like you read about. You aren't fighting anyone, nobody is even thinking about you.

Not to mention, does he forget Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 TIMES and then immediately played a full 82 games? I'm pretty sure that guy isn't afraid of an old ass Undonis Haslem talking crazy. You notice how this is all ever really started by one side? You don't hear Pierce talking about Haslem unprompted, but yet he and the Celts are all Haslem talks about now that he's on this podcast trying to start beef. It's sort of like how if someone has to tell you how tough they are, they probably aren't really that tough. The loudest guy in the room is always the most insecure, and I think that's what we're seeing here.

If Haslem is "really about it" as he claims, why hasn't he done anything about it yet? I can't imagine Pierce is hard to find, yet he hasn't done a thing other than talk crazy on a podcast. It's the very definition of all bark and no bite, which again for a grown ass man, is very embarrassing. 

I will say though, that is some A+ instigating by Jeff Teague. Talk about someone who has been an absolute star in his post-playing career. Every single clip of Jeff Teague on a podcast is incredible, dare I say must watch. His stories are hilarious, he's self-deprecating, and he doesn't try and put on this weird act as someone he isn't.  

Udonis Haslem? Not so much. Can't wait to hear next month about how he plans to beat up Paul Pierce again. Surely he'll be telling the truth!