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Cops Reportedly Stopped A 150 Person Brawl Between PSG/Real Sociedad Fans By Confiscating Weapons Like Golf Clubs, Screwdrivers And A Pickaxe

Christ almighty, take it down a notch fellas. I get you want to support the team and hate who you're playing in the Champions League but you don't need to show up with a complete bag of golf clubs. And is that an epipen? Who the hell is going to stab someone with an epipen? That seems a tad aggressive, arguably the most aggressive. Then there's a crutch. Need to know if they just jacked that from someone limping around out there without a crutch now or did they specifically pack that as a weapon. 

It's no secret that brawls happen between hooligans but this is a little too much. Call me a pussy, but if I see someone swinging around a pickaxe towards me, I'm out. Maybe they are watching too much AEW with the screwdrivers? Must be big House of Black fans and seeing how they keep attacking Mark Briscoe that way. It's fake guys! I love wrestling, but it's not real when they take out a screwdriver or nail and attack Briscoe. Someone tell the fellas in Europe that. 

At least 4 people were smart enough to bring mouth guards. Gotta protect the chiclets if you're getting ready to fight. Easy way to take a blow. If you're prepping for a battle with weapons like this, you can't be showing up without some sort of protection. Should go get a football helmet while you're at it. Again, I'm never getting into a brawl but if I had to, I'm showing up like the kid in Little Giants and protecting myself as much as possible. 

I know life is different in the hooligan world but my lord, take it down a notch. Can't be bringing a 7 iron to a brawl.