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NYPD Cop is Suing Because the Topless Photo She Sent to Her Boss 12 Years Ago is Spreading 'Like Wildfire'

This is Officer Alisa Bajraktarevic of New York City's Finest. She made a bit of a name for herself last April at the scene of a drug bust. One where she wasn't one of the arresting officers, she was in the car of the drug dealer and tried to prevent the arrest. On romantic grounds:

NY Post - A hardbody Bronx cop is under investigation after she tried to stop narcotics detectives from busting her alleged “major” drug dealer boyfriend, police sources told The Post.

Bronx Robbery Squad Officer Alisa Bajraktarevic, 33, caused such a commotion during a car stop on Saturday that cops had to call for backup, sources said. 

She was moved to desk duty and had her guns taken away the same day on suspicion she was dating the alleged dealer, the sources said. 

There are few details on the chemical romance, but sources said the couple met at a gym.

That detail about these two crazy, mismatched lovers straight out of a '90s RomCom meeting at a gym certainly tracks. The fact they're on opposite sides of the law doesn't make it hard to imagine them sitting in that car sharing gossip about the other gym members or having lively debates about the benefits of machines vs. free weights.

Regardless, Officer Bajraktarevic's personal life is her own. She wouldn't be the first law enforcement professional to be romantically involved with someone with a criminal record. She's still been able to uphold her sworn duty to protect and serve the public. And no matter what anyone thinks, this certainly doesn't mean she's deserving of the kind of treatment she's alleging in a new lawsuit:

The Post Again - A stunning NYPD officer … is now taking aim at the department, claiming her career has been derailed after her topless image was repeatedly shared among fellow Finest, according to a lawsuit. 

Alisa Bajraktarevic, 34,  joined the department in 2012 and sent the salacious snap to Lt. Mark Rivera, whom she dated for a few months that year, she said in her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Rivera allegedly shared the photo in a group text with other cops, and it immediately spread, but Bajraktarevic said union delegates urged her not to file a complaint.

 “You are not the first or last woman this has happened to or would happen to,” one allegedly told her.

The picture resurfaced in April, when Bajraktarevic was accused of interfering with cops who showed up while she was hanging out with her then-boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez, 33, in the Bronx. …

Once word of the investigation spread, so too did the topless photo, which was shared in NYPD group chats and text message chains along with personal information such as her parents’ address, she said. 

“You do things in confidence. It doesn’t warrant you being treated like a piece of sh-t,”  Bajraktarevic told The Post.

“It’s pretty repulsive. For 12 years they decided to keep this on their phone?” she said. “It spread like wildfire.”

I have neither the time nor the inclination to quibble over small details like the fact wildfires don't take 12 years to spread. The important point is that, if what Officer Bajraktarevic is alleging is true, she couldn't be more right. This is repulsive. 

If true, it's an open and shut case of revenge porn. Which is more than unethical and workplace harassment; it's illegal. It's tough enough being a peace officer in these days of rising crime rates, a broken criminal justice system and general societal collapse. To be one of the few, the proud, who's willing to answer the call of duty, only to have your fellow officers turn on you like is reprehensible. Then to have your own union try to talk you out of standing up for yourself - going so far as victim-shaming, no less - must have been devastating. I mean, who's going to protect you if not the union you pay dues to in order to fight for your rights? 

And just to take this out of the legal realm into the moral aspects of this topic for a moment, she's right when she says nude photos sent in confidence don't warrant you being treated like a piece of sh-t. Sharing naked pictures, topless or otherwise, is an implied social contract. More over, it's a sacred trust. It's a way of saying, "I am entrusting these private parts of mine to your safekeeping. And I trust that you will treat them in the spirit in which I give them to you." Once you decide to break that trust, you've forsaken all bonds of fellowship. It proves you're not worthy of getting naked texts ever again. It's a lot easier to be given someone's trust than to regain it once you've proven you can't be trusted. 

And let me just add as a personal note, I'm spoken for and only have eyes for one woman.  So I don't solicit nudes. But I can't control what people send me. And if any female at or above Officer Bajraktarevic's level of attractiveness thought it would be in their interest to send me images of themselves in stages of undress, they could do so knowing I'm not sending them around on text chains to my coworkers, family or friends. You can put your trust in me. I'm a lockbox. But I say this strictly as an intellectual exercise. And to demonstrate how that Lt. Mark Rivera (allegedly) should've handled Alisa's photos. 

Stay tuned. I get the feeling we haven't heard the last of this story. And I intend to stay on top of it.