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Turns Out Josh Allen Wasn't Being Rude To His Girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld By Not Helping Her Out Of a Car - He Ripped His Pants At Dinner And "Didn't Want Cheeks Out"

The paparazzi can really be motherfuckers sometimes. When it comes to celebrities out and about, they're just salivating at the chance to catch you in a compromising moment. That may be you acting like a dick, catching you out with someone you're not supposed to be with, or maybe a wardrobe malfunction. They're not waiting outside your favorite dinner spot or hotel lobby to be your friend. No, they want that moment to be uniquely terrible for you so their picture helps them make a living 

Enter Josh Allen, who is currently gallivanting his way around Paris with his actress/singer girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld. They appeared to be returning to their hotel from a night out on the town when the paparazzi swarmed them departing their vehicle. It was in that moment they believed they struck gold.

Was that Josh just bolting from the car into the hotel without a care in the world for Hailee's well-being? No assistance out of the car? Not even a look back to see if she made it out alive from the vultures with the cameras? Oh boy. 

He stood no chance. 

Of course this became a mini story of its own: is Josh Allen a dick? How does Josh not helping Hailee out of the car impact his football legacy? Will he ever be able to beat the Chiefs with these kind of gestures? Is he the right guy to lead Buffalo? Skip Bayless was ready to pounce. 

Now what could possibly cause a nice, considerate gentleman like Josh to be in such a rush and neglect his girl? This is Hailee Steinfeld we're talking about. 

Turns out there was an explanation for his actions. 

Yeah, that's a real tweet from Josh Allen. Feels like something the Swifties would uncover Travis Kelce tweeted in middle school. Had to triple check that wasn't from a fake account. Josh doesn't tweet often, but when he does you can expect something like that. What a beauty of a human being. The term golden retriever boyfriend gets thrown around a lot and I feel like Josh fits the bill perfectly. If you go back and review the footage he's got a sweatshirt tied around his waist. Can't have the cheeks out for everyone to see. Sometimes you drink a few bottles of wine, slam a five course meal, and rip your pants getting up from your seat. It happens. Or…he trusted a fart too much and found out he guessed wrong the hard way. 

Bad news for the Josh Allen haters. No embarrassing ass pics and he's in fact a gentleman, as seen by this other video of him waiting for Hailee to get in a car. 

Paris in the offseason with Hailee Steinfeld just getting drunk and having a blast. Yeah, I can think of worse ways to spend your offseason.