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Old Dominion Loses In Overtime After What They Thought Was A Half Court Heave Buzzer Beater Gets Waived Off Because The Clock On The Broadcast Was Incorrect

Anyone with a brain knows The Sun Belt runs through Arkansas State #WolvesUp but that doesn’t mean we can’t have entertaining moments along the way. And boy did we have one tonight. 

Sidebar- if you think that headline is ridiculous and long … it is but it’s so fitting because it’s such a March Madness / Champ Week moment it works. Just a lunacy month and we’re like two days into conference tourneys . Bananas. 

So if you are following . The clock in the arena had way less time than what was shown on the graphic on the tv (aka stream) so if you were watching aka streaming this and were rooting for Old Dominion (if there’s anyone who really does that) you were ballistic for what you thought was an amazing half court heave only to realize it didn’t count. 

But it’s ok overtime ! You can still win ! 

Wrong lost by 9. 

It doesn’t get more painful than this folks. Just a horrible horrible swing of emotions. Reminds me of Devendorf’s buzzer beater getting waived off but that was at least saved because they won the game (like 3 hours later but still). 

This one was so much worse because you didn’t just lose a game you lost your season. Its over. Conference title hopes / NCAA bid “down the fuggggink drain” to quote Teddy KGB in Rounders. Doesn’t get much worse than this. Absolutely awful loss. 

This month is so beautiful… wire to wire ball. 

Ps - a mountain west game just tipped off. I feel like an alien spaceship may land on mid court the way this night is going.