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Zion Williamson Says If He Makes The All Star Team Next Season Then He'll Finally Participate In The Dunk Contest

Sean Gardner. Getty Images.

Everyone heard that right? Is this good enough to be considered a binding legal contract? I'm only an expert in Bird Law 

so I'm not really sure how that works here with Zion, but I'm going to officially declare that this is legally binding and that Zion Williamson is officially committed to the 2025 Dunk Contest. You can't go back on your word now, we all heard it.

I don't care what the votes end up being, Adam Silver better rig the shit out of things so that Zion gets named an All Star if he's healthy. He didn't make it this year despite being pretty good, and that can't stand next year. Not when we could finally have Zion in a Dunk Contest. I don't even care that it's coming way too late and that Zion has probably lost some of his explosiveness, I still want to see it. It'll certainly give the event eyeballs and a decent amount of juice which is all I'm really looking for anyway. 

Also, shoutout Jaylen Brown. Because of his decision to do participate this year, he's clearly started a trend. The stars are in. Many are saying Jaylen has now saved the Dunk Contest despite not even having all time dunks, and I'd have to agree. I'm not saying it, but I get why people are. I love that for him. 

All I know is Zion can't back out now. I don't want any surprise injury to pop up as soon as we get close to All Star Break either. I'm already rejecting it. You said you'd do it, so do it. The time has come