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30 Teams In 30 Days: The Boston Red Sox Are Boring

Yeah, it feels weird to say this, but I just don’t find this team particularly interesting. I remember when it was announced that Netflix would be doing a year-long documentary series about this year’s Red Sox. The first thing that came to my mind right away was that I wish they had picked a more interesting team. Boston is not exactly in a great place right now. I think they can get there. I’ve seen the Red Sox be remarkably successful throughout my life, but as far as the 2024 version is concerned, they’re not good enough to be competitive or bad enough to bottom out. They just kind of exist; they’re just kind of floating. 

These are the toughest teams for me to cover. When we’re at the bottom of this list, it’s enjoyable to talk about teams that are that bad. Maybe it’s the Tiger fan in me, but I sometimes pay attention to ball clubs at rock bottom because I know what that feels like. By the time we get to the end, you get to talk about some teams with superstars. But there’s not a whole lot here in Boston. I’m a little bit curious about what happened. For the longest time, this was the organization that wasn’t afraid to spend an insane amount of money in order to maintain competitiveness. It seems like that fire is just gone. Dave Dombrowski might’ve just broken these guys when he was there. They built that iconic team in 2018 and just dipped. 

I feel like they could find some stability in their rotation, even with the Giolito injury. The one thing you could say about Giolito is that he’s durable, at least until yesterday‘s announcement. The back end of their bullpen can be pretty solid as well, but that’s kind of the problem; there’s nothing about this team that rises above the level of good, which is going to be rough for them in what is a great division.