A Bunch Of Thai Prostitutes Got Into A MASSIVE Brawl Over Who Is Allowed To Turn Tricks At The Local Hotel

Source - Thai prostitutes in Bangkok got into an all-out brawl in the Red Light District over a reported turf war that roped cops into the melee ... and the footage of all this is absolutely wild!

Check out this video that captures some of the highlights from Monday, where a handful of sex workers from the Philippines are reported to have been using a popular hotel on the busy Sukhumvit Road ... and, apparently, other prostitutes felt protective of their territory.

Officers were called over a dispute between some of the Filipino sex workers -- reportedly accused of stealing customers from a Thai prostitute in the area -- and as the cops escorted them out of the building and into the street ... there was a huge crowd waiting for them.

That's when the bruhaha started ... with prostitutes and cops clashing, and fists being thrown. Frankly, it's hard to tell who's who here -- but in any case, a lot of ass was kicked.

The Video:

Prostitutes...they're just like us! If they have an issue with their neighbor, they say something. Only in this case they did a LOT more than simply "saying something." They created a level of pandemonium akin to a Taylor Swift sighting. I honestly can't think of a place I'd rather be less. Iraq? Afghanistan? Maybe not. At least there you know what the rules are. Here you have no idea who's who, which is probably why the cops had such a hard time breaking it up. Everyone was just screaming at each other and over what? Who gets to use the "nice" hotel to suck some strange? Grow up. 

The real tragedy here is the guy (or girl) who's on vacation who finally saved up enough money to go to the land of the lady boy only to have his vacation ruined over a turf war. The good news is the cops were able to get the situation under control...

In the end … the officers were able to bring the sex workers they were originally there for to the police station -- but it looks like they were all fairly roughed up as they went inside. They were reportedly arrested for working in the area without the necessary paperwork.

Hopefully the ladies were able to do the same. Thanks for reading.