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The NHL Playoffs Are PERFECT And Should Never Expand Beyond The Current Format


I love Elliotte Friedman. Best mainstream guy there is. Having said that... I DESPISE the plan he laid out. 

I love money. Hockey needs more of it. I am not willing to sacrifice the best playoff format there is at the alter of the all-mighty dollar. That buzz that comes from the first round of the NHL playoffs is unbeatable. The chaos. The fights. The intensity. Every whistle being a scrum. And...for the most part in this salary cap era...the belief that any lower seed could beat any high seed. I don't want to water that down. I don't want to give the top teams more of a competitive advantage because the team they're playing just had to fight for their lives two days earlier. 

If there is a genuine points tie for 8th place I love the idea of a game 83 the way baseball does it instead of tie-breakers, but outside of that I just want to drop the puck and play. It is one of the very best parts of spring

I can not wait for the playoff intro montage from HNIC

Pump it into my veins and NEVER water it down