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I'm Not Convinced That This Is Actually A Photo Of Kate Middleton In The Front Seat Of A Car; The Royals Continue To Lie To Us

I mean, that's just NOT Kate. If anything it looks more like her sister Pippa, but be real ya'll....

Like I said last week, we know that TECHNICALLY we won't be "seeing" Kate until after Easter. She's recovering from something and she doesn't want to be seen. We need to respect her privacy!! But also....WHAT IS GOING ON??? WHAT IS SHE RECOVERING FROM? WHY ARE THEY KEEPING SO MANY SECRETS FROM US? Is the entire Royal Family in danger? We also found out on Saturday that even Cold Hearted Camilla is taking a break from the Royal duties!

When this thirsty ass bitch says she's taking a break? That's when we know something is WRONG. Camilla has never once passed up the opportunity to cosplay as the Queen, especially lately while she's had the whole palace to herself while everyone else is "abstaining from royal duties."