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USA Today's National College Basketball Writer Says The Sport Is An Unappealing Product With No Stars, Let's Discuss Why He's A Complete Moron

I purposely didn't use his name in the headline because I didn't want to. I can't stand this guy and his dumbass takes. People don't forget, Dan! 

Just to be clear, this never happened and never even got close. Now he's out here calling college basketball an unappealing product. I can't say anything else really besides shut the fuck up. Yes, Caitlin Clark is an awesome story and is in fact the biggest star in all of college basketball. Kind of happens when you're a generational talent, setting scoring records and the sport is growing. Not exactly breaking news here. You know what else you can say? Yeah it's awesome the women's game is growing. That's all you have to say.

Now let's discuss why Dan Wolken is a moron, specifically to his men's college basketball take, mostly because I don't have time to list out all the other reasons. No stars? Say what you want about Zach Edey but he's about to win his second NPOY in a row, something that hasn't been done since Ralph Sampson. RJ Davis scored 42 in a game last week for UNC. Dalton Knecht went from JuCo to Northern Colorado to likely SEC POY for Tennessee. Reed Sheppard, Rob Dillingham. Kyle Filipowski has turned into the villain for Duke we all needed. Non power conferences have DaRon Holmes and Jaedon LeDee. Low-majors have Dillon Jones and Vonterious Woolbright, two guys who are NBA Draft prospects. Tell me you haven't watched Jamal Shead or just refuse to watch Houston. Man, no stars. Wait there's Max Abmas, Ja'Kobe Walter, Grant Osober, viral sensation Robbie Avila, Mark Sears, Tyler Kolek, Tristen Newton, etc. 

If you want to say there's not a Zion, fine. Kinda hard to constantly have Zion's when we discuss him as an all-time viral guy. Coaching legends gone? Yeah people really can't get over not watching Jim Boehim pick his boogers on the sidelines. Forget the fact we have Calipari, Self, Pitino, Izzo and guys who could be around for years to come like Drew, Hurley, Muss, Oats, Sean Miller, etc. You have storylines of if Oats, Tommy Lloyd, Mark Few can win a title. 

You're complaining about college basketball being an unappealing product as we get ready for March is just being an asshole. That's the only way to put it. People claim they want guys to stay in college longer and be around for 4 years. We have that and people try to say there's no stars because Zach Edey is tall and everyone has turned on him. The freshman class isn't the best, but guess what? That could change in a year. Kind of happens when you have a new class of hundreds coming in every year. This is a year where we've had a ridiculous amount of top teams losing to unranked teams. We now have a clear top-3 with everyone talking about Purdue, Houston and UConn that way. We have a team in UConn trying to become the first team since Florida to go back-to-back and they are going to be a 1 seed! No possible storylines here. 

This is ultimately my biggest problem with dorks like Dan who cover college basketball. They hate the sport. They complain about it without realizing everything we love about college basketball is right in our face. We love the upsets. We love having a different game than the NBA and a bunch of stupid shit happening. His whole response is diehard college basketball fans are mad at him and that's proving his point. Hey dummy, of course us diehards are mad at you. You're calling the sport unappealing DURING MARCH. Maybe talk about the guys or the stories that are happening instead of complaining about the sport. Yes, women's college basketball is growing and has generational talent. But the men's game is just fine. 

I know I can complain about college basketball (mostly just refs and the NCAA Tournament expansion) but do you know that they basically got rid of the bullshit charge call? Or that scoring is up? Or that we have teams all across the country who are good? Seems like it's appealing to most people. You either want to watch college basketball or you don't. It's as simple as that.