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A Shitfaced Nick Swardson Was Escorted Off Stage After Getting Into An Argument With His Own Crowd

Source - Nick Swardson got the hook at his own standup comedy show this weekend after he started getting into it with the crowd ... who were not amused, and who made it known too.

The comedian -- known for his work on "Reno 911!" and his frequent appearances in Adam Sandler flicks -- was filmed Sunday shouting at and arguing with the audience in Beaver Creek, CO ... where he was hired as the headliner at the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

Nick appeared determined to continue on with the show -- despite things obviously going not-so-great ... as he shouted at the crowd, "Let's go," over and over again. It was a scene.

The Video:

 While some attendees expressed their discomfort over Swardson's unruly display ... others cheered on the comedian -- but Swardson was eventually guided off the stage after his mic was cut and the spotlight turned off, giving a little wave and a shaka sign as he sauntered away.

I see Nicky, I clicky. Poor guy. He responded on Twitter with the following...

Nothing like some good ole fashioned brain diarrhea to ruin your set. And of course by "brain diarrhea" I mean drinking yourself into oblivion while taking copious amounts edibles at a "high altitude." It stinks for the people who bought tickets but at the same time I feel like maybe his fans loved it? Like now they have a story to tell AND a free show at some point in the future. 

I don't know. He had to be hammered for the staff to turn the lights on and escort him off stage. Which doesn't seem unlikely considering how much he loves booze. He once went on a trip to Key West that was supposed to last 10 days and ended up staying there drinking for a year and a half…

Hilarious? Absolutely…until it's not. I love Nick so I feel like I'm biased, but I hope this was just a one-off. Get your shit together, brother. Everyone likes to have fun but you're damn near fifty years old. Love you. 


A (semi) concerned blogger.