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Victor Wembanyama Has Been A Spur For All Of 2 Seconds And ESPN Is Already Plotting For Him To Demand A Trade Out Of San Antonio

Michael Gonzales. Getty Images.

If you ever wonder why NBA coverage on the big networks, especially one like ESPN is cooked, that video is all you have to watch. I mean, what are we doing? We are just 55 games into Wemby's career, and that's all it's taken for the "well the Spurs better build around him quick or Wemby is going to demand a trade to a better team/bigger market!" takes to start. That is so insane I don't even know how to fully comprehend it. Even Danny green couldn't believe what he was hearing as he tried to keep everyone on that set on planet earth.

Someone has to stick up for small markets and their fans, and if that has to be me then so be it. You could make the case that this issue is one of the biggest problems in today's NBA media. Guess what? There are other NBA cities and franchises that exist outside of LA, MIA, BOS, and NYC! The fact that a small market team like SA has a GENERATIONAL player and we're at the point where he can't even play 60 games before networks start talking about his eventual exit is very pathetic. Not to mention, this is who they are talking about

This of course isn't just a Wemby/SA issue, it's been going on for years. We saw it with Giannis and MIL, Anthony Edwards and MIN etc. In my opinion, it's one of the worst parts of the coverage in the NBA. The idea that 95% of the league should just be a developmental tool for big market teams is so lame. How about embracing the parity that makes the NBA competitive? Why is that so bad?

Even if their point of the Spurs needing to build around Wemby is true because he's shown he's good enough, they most certainly DO NOT have to rush it. Again, he's 55 games into Year 1 of his rookie deal. After that, he becomes a RFA. In theory, the Spurs don't have to made a decision for at least 7 more years. Even if Wemby pulls a James Harden and somehow demands a trade, they do not have to say yes. The only instance somewhat close to this in recent NBA history is when Porzingis told the Knicks he was going to accept his qualifying offer and then be an UFA the next season unless the Knicks traded him, and even that came at the end of his rookie deal. Nobody was saying 55 games into his career as a Knicks that the clock was ticking, that's how insane this is. 

I can only imagine how annoying this must be for fans of small markets, especially when you hit the basketball lottery and draft a generational talent. I'm not sure what the solution is considering this is what ESPN does and they know it will garner eyeballs and clicks and attention, but it just stresses how cooked their NBA product is. 

55 games into a career and this is the narrative. Please have some shame.