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Anthony Edwards Is Trying To Convince Us He Was Late For Tip-Off Last Night Because 'He Lost Track Of Time' And Wasn't Taking A Pregame Shit

So last night this happened. Anthony Edwards runs to the scorers table to check in as tip-off is getting ready to happen. Everyone was rightfully confused, I mean Edwards is awesome, why would he be checking in at tip-off? He claims he lost track of time while getting his stretches and work out in back in the tunnel. In fact he was asked directly if he had to take a shit: 

Okay, Ant. I don't believe you. I don't buy it one second. Listen, everyone poops, it's a book that every parent knows about and probably has owned for at least a month. Even more, everyone has a go-to pregame move. It might be a certain song, eating something specific before each game, whatever your routine is, I won't knock it. It's about juju in sports and sticking with what you know. Perhaps Anthony Edwards' pregame routine is taking a shit, lose a little weight and make him faster and stronger. Impossible to know really. 

I am glad Jon at least asked Ant straight up if he had to take a shit. That's how you do journalism. It's called investigative journalism for a reason and reason number 1 is asking the hard-hitting questions. I still don't believe Anthony Edwards because he doesn't want to admit he was taking a shit. That said, it would be better than losing track of time. Say you ate something bad for lunch and could feel it coming and couldn't stop it. It's a vague answer though. Who hasn't lost track of time sitting on the toilet? You're playing a game or scrolling your phone or sitting in 100 hours of solitary confinement and you lose track of time. 

Speak the truth Anthony! I don't believe you for one second.