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Kirk Minihane Show Producer Jack Coleman Has Been Stuck on Stream for Over 24 Hours and Can't Leave Until He Names the Top 10 All-Time HR Leaders

As you may have seen mentioned in every other blog on the Barstool Sports website, Chris Klemmer entered solitary confinement for 100 hours yesterday. However, about 200 miles northwest of NYC, there's a competing stream that's been going on for even longer. And it has potential to well over 100 total hours. The Kirk Minihane Show.

Fired by Barstool Sports/hired by Kirk Minihane producer Jack Coleman was given a single task. Name the top 10 MLB home run leaders of all time. Then he's allowed to go home. Jack Coleman is notably not a sports guy. He once claimed to be. He's sports guy presenting, but he has some truly insane gaps in knowledge. For example, he's a Yankees fan who had never heard of Joe Torre, and had no clue what number Babe Ruth was. 

The 'name the top 10 home run leaders' challenge was given to Coleman over 24 hours ago. He's been on stream the entire time. He's managed to name 9 of the 10 players. The last remaining person he has to name is #8 Jim Thome. The clips coming from the stream are preposterous. 

For the longest time he needed just two more players. Jim Thome & Frank Robinson. At that point Coleman thought it best to adopt the strategy (a strategy which he'd already pretty much been using the entire time), to name every possible combination of first name and last name until he eventually landed on a player. 

Somehow, after hours of guessing, the strategy paid off. An inspirational moment if I've ever seen one.

But as Kirk said, he was bound to land on Frank Robinson eventually.

Jim Thome on the other hand may impossible. It's been made abundantly clear by now that Coleman has never heard the name Jim Thome in his life. He's gotten as close at saying "Jim T". If Jim T doesn't get him there, I'm not sure what will. It's almost like Kirk could legitimately say the name to his face and Coleman still wouldn't guess it.

Everybody in the world except for Coleman knows it's Jim Thome. To that point that it's trending nationally on Twitter.

At this point it's going to take some sort of incredible Slum Dog Millionaire type of moment for him to land this. Something like… may Justin order's Indian food to the studio, and it will spark a memory deep in Coleman's brain of his Indian classmate in 7th grade who wore a Jim Thome jersey to school one day. Or something insanely stupid like that. If he knows the name Jim Thome at all, it has to be buried so deep in his brain to the point where I don't know if anybody will be able to dig it out.

It's actually surprising Coleman managed to name the other 9 players. To be fair, aside from maybe Frank Robinson, they're some of the most recognizable names in sports.

As I write this blog I believe Coleman is now taking a nap, as the regularly scheduled Kirk Minihane show rolls on. Big Cat just called in and says he's been in communication with Jim Thome's wife, and she's planning to call in.

If Coleman ever gets this it's going to be an incredible moment. Tune in now so you don't miss it. Kirk has also said if Coleman doesn't guess the name by the time Klemmer gets out of solitary confinement, he gets to call Klemmer for a life line. I have a bad (or good) feeling it's going to come down to that.


Since I finished this blog, Coleman is now speaking to Jim Thome's wife Andrea on the phone and is asking her clues. She even said Jim's first name. He still has no clue. This is outrageous. He's never going to get this.