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'We Can Do This Shit Right Now' - Isaiah Stewart Reportedly Punched Drew Eubanks In The Face Because They Had A Physical Game 3 Months Prior

[Source] - Eubanks, cops wrote in the report, said Stewart confronted him while he was entering the arena due to interactions the two had previously had while playing in a game three months prior.

When pressed more about why he believed Stewart was so upset, Eubanks stated nothing out of the ordinary happened between the two in their previous matchup.

"Just basketball stuff," the Phoenix center said. "It was, you know, lowering your shoulder. Trying to hit, hit somebody for a box out. Being physical. Talking on the court. That's all it was."

I ask once again, how the hell do we not have video of this yet? We get videos of Draymond punching Jordan Poole in practice but can't get a video of this? It's the NBA! We have videos of everything and anything but the one time we want to see what the hell happened, it's just police reports and stories. Bullshit I tell ya, bullshit. 

Now reading what was said about the police report, it's hilarious. Isaiah Stewart was apparently pissed off from physical play THREE MONTHS before. How crazy of a person do you have to be to hold a grudge that long over some physical play? Then I remembered it's Isaiah Stewart. 

Dude is a crazy person! I mean he tried to start shit the moment he got off the bus. Guess it should be worth noting there was nothing prior. No one talked about oh man Drew Eubanks and Isaiah Stewart played physical. No one talked about anything regarding Drew Eubanks and Isaiah Stewart until we found out there was a punch in the tunnel before the game. Even searching through stuff now nobody has video of this physical play. 

Also love Eubanks going back to the cops 3 days later and taking away the charges. Yeah, man. Probably saw all the jokes about the NBA and fighting and what not and was like yeah, I'll just let Adam Silver suspend him. Plus do you really want to sit in court and talk about getting punched in the face before a game? 

All I know is we still need the video. We can move on from this story once we get the video. No more police reports, no more stories, no more just getting quotes. Release the video and we can move on.