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I Don't Know Who Kim Kardashian Is Saying She Misses, But Whoever It Is Better Take Her Back After She Posted An Unreal New Photo

Listen, you won't like hearing this, but Kim Kardashian is much like LeBron in my eyes. Indisputably one of the game's greats, but if you asked me, the absolute greatest to ever do it. I don't give those accolades out easily, LeBron has earned it with great merit, just like Kim has. She's a billionaire and her longevity is legitimately the work of The King and Tom Brady. Every single thing she does is viral and makes her millions of more dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if this post somehow generated an uptick in SKIMS sales and she got a couple extra million off of it in her bank account. 

It's worth wondering who this post is to. I don't rule out that it's about Kanye, just like I don't rule out this is like running Spider Y Banana in the Kim K playbook for easy numbies. But I'm not really sure it matters. She really birthed millions of clones from being the original Instagram model. And still looks like that at 43 and a few kids later. Special special stuff. All I'm saying is that if I got this text from someone with a picture looking like that, whatever they or I have done is immediately put on the back burner. 

She must have seen Kanye's "run back to me Kimberly" performance two years late:

Anyway, I wrote this blog because it's important to appreciate greatness while it's still around. Salute Kimberly.