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Arch Manning Will Reportedly Not Opt Into EA Sports College Football Because He's Too 'Focused' on the Upcoming Season

If you were dying to play with Texas's backup quarterback in the upcoming EA Sports College Football game, it seems like you may be out of luck.

If this turns out to be true, I'd really like to have Arch Manning or someone from his camp explain the logic behind this move to me. Instead of receiving $600 to be featured in a beloved video game, you're going out of your way to get nothing and have people get mad at you for pulling this stunt? And this is supposedly to focus on real football — never mind the fact Manning's only playing time in 2024 barring an injury would be on this video game — yet you're making yourself a story as the backup quarterback? Someone make it make sense.

I feel like I speak for the overwhelming majority of the community of people who will play this game when I say Arch Manning's involvement or lack thereof affects my anticipation for it by precisely zero percent. I don't know if the Manning family thought they could play hardball with EA or something because of this kid's last name, but whatever the reasoning, this seems like quite the miscalculation.

Whatever. EA already has the overwhelming majority of FBS scholarship players opted in and this game is going to be great. I have a feeling Arch will probably realize he fucked up around the end of July when this awesome game comes out and all of his teammates are playing with themselves and the Longhorns' backup quarterback is listed as Jack Johnson, but maybe not.

I don't really give a shit. The rest of us will be having fun.