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Someone Made A Game Of Thrones Style Intro For Dune And It Is Spectacular

Bravo! Bravo!!! I wanted to include a some sort of ovation or bowing down gif from Dune but there somehow isn't one. That video deserved it though because it absolutely nailed the essence of Dune with the different planet features as well as the haunting music that I wish was jusssst a little bit better (basically the whisker of a difference between John Williams and Hans Zimmer).

I'm obviously just splitting hairs here since that was second best Thrones intro remix I have seen since Nick Hammy dropped this on our heads from the fucking clouds before our second episode of Game of Stools: House of the Dragon Podcast.

In fact the only thing I dislike about remixed Thrones intros is just how bummed it makes me when I think about the original show. Because for my money, the Thrones intro was the greatest intro in the history of TV because it felt epic yet also was a living and breathing part of the show since it would update based on the events that took place on screen.

I still remember seeing the map being completely redone right as Season 8 kicked off and thought we were about to have the greatest ending to the greatest show ever. didn't happen. At all. Not even close.

Giphy Images.

You know what? We've discussed the horror of that final season enough, even though we are still getting fresh stories about how much they crashed the landing.

On the bright side, we just got word that House of the Dragon will return in June!

Safe to say it is going to be a jam packed summer on My Mom's Basement.

Speaking of the basement and bringing things back to Arrakis, Robbie had Portnoy and Jeff D. Lowe on the pod to talk about Dune 2. Check it out below: