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The Storm Chasers Are Back When America Needs Us Most

The Storm Chasers are back for a fifth straight year thanks to Pink Whitney. This will be the second year since Caleb and Rone retired and passed us the torch. Our crew for this week is myself, Glenny Balls, Zah, and first time chaser Nicky Smokes. He is an absolute wild card to add to this crew, but I'm excited to spend some time with a fellow member of the Smokes family. 

Our journey starts tonight at North Carolina State who's hosting Duke. This was an obvious choice to start at given all the whining and complaining that Kyle Filipowski and the rest of Duke has done since they got the court stormed on them at Wake Forest a couple of weeks ago. Although for all their complaining, I found this storm chasing outfit in their university store awfully interesting. 

You can follow our journey all week long on the Storm Chasers Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. We'll be announcing our next stops as the week goes along and posting updates from the road such as us accidentally ending up at an all women private university and joining shoot around with NCST before the game. 

Grab your umbrellas, storms are brewing