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The Broncos Are Releasing Russell Wilson, Thus Ending One Of The Greatest Runs In NFL History

Terrible news out of Denver today, unless you just so happen to root for the local team, in which case I imagine this is a wonderful day or at least a day of relief. But for those of us that are not Broncos fans, this news hurts. Because while the Russell Wilson Era was not particularly successful on the field, it created so much great content in so little time off of it.

It all started when the infamous Broncos Country, Let's Ride video hit the internet. 

There were whispers about Russ being a different dude (not the good kind) during his time with the Seahawks thanks to some quotes from Russ, some stories from ex-teammates, and a that whole concussion water thing. However a bunch of that was written off to a star athlete acting like one in a place like Seattle that can bring the weird out of people, especially when you play for an energetic coach that dabbles in conspiracy theories.

Giphy Images.

That Broncos Country snippet really got things rolling though, which then led to Russ arriving to camp in his completely normal-sized truck that wasn't at all a statement about anything.

Things really didn't get spicy though until the Dangerwich made its way into our lives.

Along with what is just known as The TikTok in the Denver area, which was pretty much the polar opposite of The Drive and The Fumble in Broncos lore.

This of course led to Russ' teammates getting tired of his shit as they kept losing.

And losing

And doing weirdo Russ shit

Before Patrick Star of all people creatures called the lowest moment of the season.

I don't really remember anything that happened this season outside of a few moon balls that landed in Courtland Sutton's hands and Sean Payton sounding exactly like Sean Payton would behind the scenes while coaching an underperforming team/quarterback. But Russ helped pump out enough great content in 2022 to last a lifetime and for that I thank him as well as all the Broncos fans who have to deal with the repercussions of that trade for a long time.