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It Has Been Revealed That Taylor Swift Is COUSINS With Emily Dickinson

SOURCE - Taylor and Emily are sixth cousins, three times removed ... and they both descend from the same 17th-century English immigrant who settled in Connecticut ... genealogy company Ancestry told Today.

No surprise that today's greatest American poet is related to one of the greatest poets in history. I never really understand what the "removed" part means. I have so many cousins that are like once removed, twice removed. What the fuck does that even mean? Emily Dickinson was a pioneer from women in writing and Taylor Swift is a pioneer for women in music! The blood of powerful women flows through them!

There has been theories that Taylor Swift's 'evermore' was inspired by Emily Dickinson. She actually released the album on Dickinsons birthday! I'm sure Taylor is so hype about this. I know I would be!! To know that you are related to a powerful women must feel so validating. Like she was literally born for this! Its quite beautiful.

I would love for Taylor to release a book of poems, or just a book of her lyrics. The way she writes is absolute poetry. It's in her blood!