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Jason Kelce Talking About Nick Foles' Literal Dick Was The Highlight Of His Retirement Press Conference

Philly Philly Perfection. 

In a press conference filled with emotion, tears, and reflection of Jason Kelce's 13-year career with the Eagles, Nick Foles' gigantic dong steals the show. And rightfully so. It's simply too large to ignore. But the fact Kelce A) Sincerely wrote this statement down. And 2) Read it with the straightest face with tears his eyes is amazing. The man tells it like it is. And Nick Foles having the biggest dick on the team combined with Doug Pederson having the largest balls on Earth for that moment. 

And that's exactly why Jason Kelce is a fan favorite in this town. So much so stuff like this for some reason happens:

God Bless Jason Kelce and Big Dick Nick. Now and forever. Getcha gear HERE: 

PS - Truer words have never been spoken.