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It Happened Again: Dude Gets Stuck In The Plane's Bathroom Mid-Flight Before Being Saved By The Pilot

I can't believe I'm blogging something along these lines, but this is the life you choose when you quit your regular ass 9-5 job in purchasing and decide to pick up this game. A man was stuck in a plane's bathroom .. again. Let me be more clear, it wasn't the same guy, gotta be clear on that. If it happens twice to the same guy then we have to have a whole different conversation. Nope, this was in America and a pilot had to become a hero. 

At least this guy on the Delta flight decided to take matters into his own hands and try to kick the door in. I still don't know how that didn't work. Everyone has been on a plane, I have zero faith in those doors. If that doesn't work you gotta try to deliver an Edge spear through the door. Get on top of that toilet since you can't get a running start and throw your shoulder into it. Feel like these can't be that hard to break.

But this is where the story gets tricky. 

[Source] - The trip had reportedly been going swimmingly until her hubby, 34, disappeared to the bathroom for a long time, leaving her with their two kids, aged 2 and 4.

“After five minutes, I wondered what was going on,” said the wife. She even joked that he was taking a “much-needed” respite from the kiddies’ “whiney demands and frequent tantrums.”

Uhh of course he was! I can say that confidently as a 37-year old man with two kids that are basically the same age. Going to take a shit is the oldest dad trick in the book. Our dads did it to us, our grandfathers did it to our dads. Need a break from the kids, even for 5 minutes, just say you gotta take a shit, blame it on something you ate and play on your phone in silence. Make sure the fan is on so you can really sell it. Spray shit or light a candle if you have to. Now luckily my boys are just fine on planes, they sit there and stay quiet, but I know how lucky I am with that. Any other scenario? You gotta fake take a shit just to catch a break. 

I'm starting to think something is happening though. We know all about the doors blowing out on planes and other weird shit, this feels like a trap. Guys are getting stuck in the bathroom on purpose so we talk about that instead. I'm not a huge conspiracy theory guy, but my tinfoil hat is on for this one. We went years with guys not getting stuck in the bathroom and now it's all I can think about on planes. 

PS: The dude laughing in the video 100% knows what's going on.