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Is Anyone Going To Tell Will Compton His Painting Sucks Or Do We Think He Eventually Figures It Out On His Own?

This isn't anti Will Compton despite him having his way with me in a variety of events. Most notably Surviving Barstool. 

Both physically ... 

and mentally 

He's also got the best of me in The Dozen 

Despite all the ups and downs, we will remain friends and have a boys day Happy Hour on the books for 2024 this summer. Just as soon as Peter Schrager locks in a date. 

Anyway … this isn't anti Will. I would call it like it is to anyone in this company from top to bottom, Portnoy to Red Rhino … Big Cat to Bosco, if they rolled out a painting like this. I wouldn't be a man of my word if I didn't. So just because he played 10 years in the NFL he doesn't get a free pass. This painting is dog shit. 

I know it's got what he thinks is sentimental value and it reminds him of all the blood, sweat and tears he put in on the field yada yada. I'm sure he sees this painting and it brings him back to proving everyone wrong after going undrafted because he dressed like he was on The And 1 Mixtape tour … 

And that's all well and good. If art moves you great. Enjoy the memories, but the painting is shit. I feel bad I have to be the one to tell him because we're friends, and I can't wait to win some games in March Madness and support Nebraska etc, but the painting is just straight up shit. Looks like a disorganized group of colors. The Year 10 part doesn't stand out enough, and the quote is buried in there. It's bad overall. 

Now if he just did this on his own and hung it in his home in his own privacy no one would be bothered. To put this on display on the bird and call himself "Willy Picasso" is as bad of a claim to fame as Weird Haircut Seth saying he could throw it 60 yards. What was Will thinking? Did he think it was good does he really think he can paint? I'm very confused if he isn't just messing with us here. No one can look at that painting and say it was good. Will … get it together brother.