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Eddie's Communist Ways Know No Bounds

By now, most people know this guy as "Red Ed" 

Look, Ed's a friend of mine so I hate to do this to him but I feel that I, as an American, need to call out communist evil when and where I see it. 

We decided to do a live snake draft today. "Spring shit". Simple enough and something near and dear to the heart of any red blooded American. 

Well low and behold, Ed drafted "Tax Day" as one of the best parts of Spring: 

Yeah, the same tax day where the government systematically rips off everyone in the country. That is unless you're Rico Bosco and skirt the system. 

Ha. Go fucking figure. I need Joseph McCarthy to do a sweeping of the new office STAT. I mean… I sit next to this guy every single day. Sure, it's a "keep your friends close, enemies closer" type deal but 

Scary times not only at Barstool, but in all of America.