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Jason Kelce Officially Retires From The NFL After 13 Amazing Seasons On The Philadelphia Eagles

7x Pro Bowler. 6x First Team All-Pro. 1x Super Bowl Champion. All for one team. Absolutely incredible. 

Jason Kelce just announced the end of one of the most complete careers for a non-superstar position we'll ever see in sports. In what should be a first ballot HOF career, the man is going down as one of the greatest Philadelphia Eagles, nay, Philly sports athletes we've ever seen. The likes of Jon Runyan and Jerry Crafts Tra Thomas made the OL position sexy in this town and Jason Kelce stood on their shoulders to make it even more wet. The man came in as an undersized 6th-round draft pick and will be leaving as an arguable Mt. Rushmore member of a franchise that's existed for almost a century. 

It was time. Everyone saw in the documentary on Amazon Prime last year how much football has taken on Kelce's body over the years. The man could barely move after the Super Bowl run...and still committed to another year playing at the highest level. And once he released this keg-less Tweet about a press conference today, you knew this was probably* it. 

*I say probably cause if Jason Kelce would've put together a presser to announce he's coming back for 1 more year...that would've been a bit much.

We'll see ya this Summer in Sea Isle and around Philly for the rest of your days, sweet prince. Long live #62. 

PS - Kelce talking about Nick Foles' literal giant dick during his retirement speech is Philly perfection.