I Expected A Good Catholic Man Like Glenny Balls To Know Enough To Take His Hat Off In Church ... Nicky Smokes Is Already Too Far Gone

What a scene. Now let's first start with Nicky Smokes. Let it be known I like Nicky Smokes. Plays up the character he was cast into but deep down has a big heart and is very funny. He also sets good screens in pick up hoops, but whines a little when we go down a few points. Nonetheless overall good guy. I liked speaking with him at length. 


I don't know his religious affiliation, but he does give off a guy who believes like many Staten Islanders (the bigger the cross the bigger the Catholic) type vibes. But regardless, I think we can say a guy who "dumps sack" and orders Vodka shots for the table, as well as spills drinks while sitting court side, isn't a front runner to be at Sunday mass every week so he's a little off the hook here. On the other hand he's very big into the old school way of being raised, has a huge respect for his mom etc so I'm kind of shocked he didn't lose the lid in a place of worship. He's at fault but he's not the one I'm the most upset with. 

The guy I'm most disappointed in is Glenny Balls. 

Little background this is a guy who went to catholic school 

Gets ashes 


Obeys Lenten Fridays and doesn't eat meat. 

Although he did have that Psalm/Palm sunday fiasco …

But overall he's a through and through diehard Catholic. And this is how he shows up the the Lord's house? This is how he shows up to pray? And then puts it out for the world to see? DISGUSTING. Glenny not only shouldn't have his hat on, he should have told Nicky to take his off. Absolute low point for Glenny and his Catholicism. Might as well have dropped the holy communion, forgot the words to the hail mary or fucked before marriage. Brutal brutal sin from Balls. 

On a positive note, I have never felt more confident that this horrific act will serve as a curse to his beloved St.John's Red Storm not making the tournament. And that's something I can get behind. Sinners need to learn a lesson. Shame on you Glenny. 

PS - Showing up to church in a hat is worse than wearing a hat to a restaurant. "We took the bleachers out two years ago." Disgusting Glenny. 


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