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Wait What The Fuck? Former Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Can Hit The Hell Out Of A Tennis Ball (Video)

JIM WATSON. Getty Images.

Jiminy Ramaswamy! Did you guys know he had game like that? Christ, dude is smacking one-handed backhands like prime Fed. And he's not exactly playing a slouch either; that's Matija Pecotic, who played #1 at Princeton and was former top 200 in the world. All this according to a caption that takes you on a JOURNEY:

I'm a sucker for politicians that have hidden talents. Who could forget Jon Huntsman—former GOP presidential candidate, Governor of Utah, and Ambassador to Russia, China, and Singapore—playing jazz piano on Letterman with Paul Schaffer (I searched high and low for this video to no avail). 

Or Slick Willie Clinton playing sax on the Arsenio Hall show:

I suppose it's nice to see them doing something other than politickin'. I liked Bill Bradley in the 2000 election simply because he had played for the Knicks, winning two championships in their golden era. 

Vivek, let's get a game going. We'll play king of the court with you, me, and Jake Marsh.