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Everyone Dragging This Brazilian Soccer Player On And Off The Field By His Limbs While Faking An Injury Is Everything Wrong With The Sport

First off, this is a fucking hilarious video. Dude is just getting ragdolled out there while faking an injury. Good. It's the worst thing about soccer by far. I love the sport, but we can't have this be going viral. It's a bad look for us who scream that flopping and faking injuries happen in every sport. Can't have a dude getting dragged around and defend it. I want to say I admire the dedication to the bit, but all it does is open up everyone saying soccer players are soft, can't watch the sport, etc. Can't have it! Won't have it! 

Back to the video, I love the goalie from the opposing team going for the legs. Gotta prove a point and he treats the 'injured' like a little kid. Good. We should be publicly embarrassing anyone who fakes an injury - whether it's a court storm, on the soccer field or anything else. They deserve to be publicly mocked. What makes it even worse? I've blogged about Botafago before: 

Can't claim corruption in Brazil (no duh) and then have your guys do this. You gotta go the opposite way. Embrace being the enforcers and getting fucked over. Start throwing shoulders around and go cleats up from time to time on a slide tackle. Or if you're going to go this way, you gotta go even harder. All 11 guys on the field fake an injury at the same time and start having the bench drag them around. One guy is pathetic, all 11 proves a point. Gotta hold your face like this guy too. Really lean into the bit of faking injuries. 

But yeah, this is everything wrong with the sport. I don't care about games being 2-1 or anything like that. I don't even care about the clock not stopping and counting up instead of down. This is more egregious than goals going away because of VAR and seeing a fingernail offsides.