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Former Met And Current Baseball Ace Zack Wheeler Gets Much Deserved 3-Year, $126 Million Extension From The Phillies

BAM. Good for Zack Wheeler. Good for the Phillies. Good for America. Aaron Nola might have started every Phillies opening day for almost a decade, but Zack Wheeler is the best starting pitcher on this team. And that's nothing really against Nola (even if it kinda is, need that consistent 2018 Cy Young shit where he finished 3rd in voting behind deGrom and Scherzer), Wheeler is just an Ace of Aces. Wheeler's biggest detriment before he joined the Phillies was his durability, no doubt. But it's amazing to see what a Tommy John surgery and getting away from the Mets can do for a man and his soul: 

Incredible shit of out Wheeler. Oh, and let's expand on that playoff tidbit. Did you know Zack Wheeler is legitimately one of the greatest postseason baseball pitchers in MLB history? Well now ya know. 

Zack Wheeler slays and hopefully he is able to keep up his recent output throughout the rest of his contract and beyond. What a time to be alive. Wheeler - LOCKED. Nola - LOCKED. Next up: Bryce, who is already locked up through the year 2185 and might need a few years. But the dominant starting rotation is returning and might only get better (how do you do Blake Snell on a 1-year deal). 

Go Phils.