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Dave Portnoy Eating FOUR Large Popcorns In One Sitting Is Maybe The Most Impressive Thing He's Done ... And I Want A Shot At The Crown

I was astounded when I saw this. Astounded. I think with any kid of storytelling there is a little bit of exaggeration but if this in fact accurate it's maybe the most impressive eating feat ever. I don't say that lightly. I consider myself to love popcorn, especially movie theater popcorn. I recently found out a food delivery service (no free ads) allows you to order movie theater popcorn so I had a large delivered to the house for the 8pm kick in college football ... loved it. When they did popcorn day on The Yak last spring I was determined to try and finish the large in an hour. 

Just housing popcorn. Nothing hits like movie theater popcorn.I was thrilled to be the first to finish before everyone else but of course eating popcorn on internet tv/radio/podcast doesn't make the best content so we scrapped it pretty quick with some spilling shenanigans. But I was excited for the challenge. 

1 large popcorn is child's play compared to what Dave did (potentially). 4 large popcorns is an insane amount in a roughly 3 hour span. Absolutely insane. Look at the nutritional facts alone … 

1090 calories * 4 = 4,360 calories

2650 mg of sodium (salt) * 4 = 10,600 

That's nothing to take lightly. Just beast eating. Absolute beast. I personlly think it's impossible. Just an absolute insane eating display of "pupcorn" by one human. There are midwestern families who split a large for a movie. Dave put down a "4 bagger". Maybe it's one of those things where you don't know what your body is capable of until you push the limits. Similiar to this video. 

Now I don't think I could put down 4 bags, but as a popcorn aka "pupcorn" lover, I need to try this. I also think it's one of those things where sprinters run a half second faster when they run with the Bolt in their heat. Greatness inspires you to push a little extra. I would love to be in person with Dave at a movie to see how this goes down. It would be like going to Nathan's with Chestnut. He's a busy guy, and I think he doesn't necessarily love spending time with me, although a movie does mean I would have to be silent the entire time, so it could work, but I need to have the #GreatPopcornPupcornOff of 2024 sometime soon. Balls in your court Dave. 

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