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Nothing But Respect For This German Soccer Fan Who Stormed The Field And Berated The Entire Darmstadt Team After Losing 6-0

Oh hell yeah. This is the dream. Sure, anyone can go onto Twitter and start complaining about how guys are playing like shit, you might even feel ballsy and tag them. But not anyone can have the balls to go onto the field and just berate them immediately after losing 6-0. You know what? It's fair. Do you know how bad you have to be to give up 6 goals in a soccer match? This isn't some no-name league either. Sure, people want to call it a farmers league, but it's still Bundesliga. Darmstadt might be in last place but they are fighting to stay out of relegation! There's still hope! 

It's also why promotion/relegation is awesome. Any other sport fans are kinda jazzed up to lose this sort of game because it means you're one step closer to the No. 1 pick. But in soccer? Oh you're getting relegated buddy. Learn to speak Bundesliga 2. You're talking millions of dollars at play here. Can't just be getting embarrassed 6-0 when you need a point. 

Now back to this specific guy. I love his attitude. He had the entire squad just staring at him! They were all listening to him like he was some sort of hero and to fans everywhere, he is. Think about if you had the chance to be on the field and berate your favorite team. Would you really have the balls to say everything you want to or would you hide it a bit? This guy left it all out there. Players were even clapping for him! We need to bring this to America. Imagine if all the 53-year olds who think they have ownership of the Packers got on the field and did this? You know Raiders fans would and they'd do in full costume. 

If Darmstadt wins a game, this guy better be carried through the stadium like a hero.