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VICE Had To Cut Their Layoff Meeting Short After They Accidentally Left Emojis On And Were Getting Spammed With Thumbs Down Reactions

I wrote about VICE and their struggles in July that were a sign for the impending doom to come:

I unfortunately must report that things are still in a downfall, but this video is objectively funny in what was likely a dark moment for a lot of people losing their jobs. She's just getting EATEN alive by thumbs down emojis by what seems to be hundreds and hundreds of employees. They really sent out their sacrificial lamb in the form of a CCO and let her get eaten by the wolves. I've gotta wonder if those other C suite people sitting in that conference room were the ones spamming the hearts and thumbs up to try and counter the barrage of thumbs downs.

That fella coming on and saying "we want to give this information to the people who want to receive it" like everyone is just sitting there waiting for them to keep yelling bullshit corporate jargon like "macro landscape" was all-time. I'd be protesting with emojis too if I had to hear "circle back" a million times. VICE was one worth $5.7 billion by the way.

I had to do a little research on the exact amount of employees laid off, mainly because I wanted to see how many people were capable of spamming those emojis, and here's what I found:

I don't think there was one person out of the 137 that wasn't just sitting there breaking their mouse by spamming those emojis which makes this even funnier. It's so dystopian but I can't stop watching. If I know anything about the Internet, we'll have a SNL skit of this in no-time now that it was revived from Sydney Sweeney and Shane Gillis. Regardless, a giant thank you to whatever Google engineer decided that emojis were a good idea for company meetings. An unsung hero.