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"It's Spectacular" - Dave Portnoy Reviews 'Dune: Part Two' With Jeff D Lowe And Robbie Fox



Surprise, surprise - Dave made his second ever appearance in the Basement this weekend to review 'Dune: Part Two' with myself and Jeff D Lowe! The Lisan al Gaib is slummin it with the Fremen for a bit!

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If you weren't already aware, Dave is a HUGE Dune fan. He was blown away by the first movie when it was released in 2021, which he says he's now seen 10-15 times, and went as far as to give himself a nosebleed trying to dress up for the premiere of 'Part Two' last week….

He's a real deal Dune head at this point - and on this episode of My Mom's Basement, Dave revealed he even likes Dune more than Star Wars now….

Shocking news coming from 1/5th of the Disney Boys - but I can't be too mad at the take, considering how much George Lucas pulled from Dune in the first place. We get into that (and the potential future of the Disney Boys) here as well. 

Oh, and speaking of shocking news, how about Dave putting down FOUR large popcorns during the movie?!

I mean - is he ASKING for another pupcorn-induced heart attack?! Does he ever come up for air?! How does he do it?!

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Dave watching Paul try to ride a sand worm

It was a great little 30min podcast, so if you saw Dune 2 this weekend and want to hear the three of us blab about how much we loved it, check it out at the links below. If you didn't see it yet - beware of some HEAVY SPOILERS discussed in this show….