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Caitlin Clark Breaks Pete Maravich's NCAA Scoring Record....And Then Is Unfairly Accused Of Flopping!

Not that I'm breaking any news here, but Caitlin Clark is very good at basketball. So good at basketball, that now she has scored the most points in NCAA history, men or women. 

She breaks Pete Maravich's record, which by the way is insanity. He scored 3677 points WITHOUT the 3-point line and in just 3 seasons. THREE SEASONS. I'm not trying to take away from Caitlin Clark's record, but the stat line from Maravich at LSU is not real life:

For any Caitlin Clark fans, we do have some fantastic merch:

In other news, Mostly Sports continued their attack on Caitlin Clark:

I get that Caitlin kind of sold this, but looking at this as a total flop is just wrong. #32 on Ohio State pushed her after Caitlin rubbed shoulders with her. You just can't see her extend the arm. Caitlin then does what any phenomenal basketball player does: sell the foul. Technical foul….more points for your team. Yes, this is a historical game but it's also #2 vs #6. Caitlin is trying to get the W by any means possible. Then I go to Twitter and Mostly Sports continued their hate of the greatest women's college basketball player ever. I guess that's what the "family" is all about.