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This High School Buzzer Beater Is A 10 Out Of 10

Feel like we’re in just the best time of year when you’re watching 6 million college basketball games that all matter. Bubble, seeds changing, 1 bid leagues … everything is on the line. And all while that’s going on you have HS state playoffs or city playoffs provided insane highlights in between all the college games. Just a terrific time to be alive if you like ball. Plus as a bonus Coach Tate is running great ATO’s and BLOB’s. Highlights everywhere . March is here. 

Anyway. Here’s an insane buzzer beater out of Indiana that I had no idea I would expect to be seeing on the timeline but boy it delivered. The over the head pass somehow always seems to work despite it being the dumbest strategy ever. Shoutout to this kid for a clip of a lifetime . What a win. Double OT to boot !