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If The NCAA Tournament Committee Cares About America, They Need To Ban Virginia From Playing In The Greatest Event In The World

I have nothing against Virginia or Jake Malasek, his guitar or anything else. I have a problem with being forced to watch this Virginia team. They fucking stink. They can't even score 50 points! This isn't the old Tony Bennett teams who were slow but actually good on offense. This team straight up would struggle to score on the Barstool 41-free throw team and that's with Titus on the bench. 

Look at that again. They haven't scored 50 points in 4 of its last 5 games. That alone should ban them from the Tournament. No one wants to watch that shit. I don't even care if one of those games was a win. That's right, they beat Wake Forest 49-47 and the ACC coaches dare to scream they deserve more bids. Fuck that. Score 60 points in a game and then we'll let you talk more. 

The NCAA Tournament is the single best event in the world. Not even just sports, I'm talking every single event in the world. That's how important this month is to us. We can't let it be ruined because Virginia won some games back in November. Congrats on beating Florida in the 2nd game of the year. We need to stand for something and a team who does nothing right on offense can't be allowed. I don't even care if they win the ACC Tournament, make them a 16 seed and send them to Dayton. 

Again, this isn't old school Tony Bennett. This isn't them playing slow and scoring 60 points while basically never missing. They shoot 47% from 2! That's almost impossible to do for a team near the NCAA Tournament bubble like they are. Lunardi was just talking about them still being in the Tournament. Enough is enough. America needs to bully the committe.