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We Just Got Another VICIOUS Knockout On This UFC Card

Are you kidding me?! I mean - COME ON! Virtually every friggin fight on this card has given us a wild highlight reel finish tonight! I know I said I didn't expect a lot of decisions earlier, but I also didn't expect multiple flatlining KOs in a row! This is insane!

"The Astro Boy" Steve Erceg just put on a hell of a performance against Matt Schnell, scoring this brutal knockout early in the second round after a slugfest of a first....

....and this would probably be the knockout of the night on any other card, but Vinicius Oliveira's flying knee is definitely taking the cake tonight....

It's basically unbeatable and will unfortunately overshadow everything else tonight, including this KO. He'll probably get a POTN bonus as well, though, and he deserves it because walk off knockouts like that are few and far between in the Flyweight Division. 

Afterwards, Erceg called out Brandon Moreno (who just fought and is currently on a two fight losing streak), and while he may not get him right away - I thought this was a really smart name to throw out there. Reach for the sky. Crazier matchups have happened.

There's still plenty of fights left on the main card, and we'll be going live to discuss the card as soon as it wraps up - so tune in and get involved!