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Rob Dillingham Is The Most Electric Player In College Basketball And It Ain't Close

Don't mind me cackling through this blog. I know everyone who hates Kentucky - the very few of you - will say, oh Reags, you struggled against a bad Arkansas team. My point, which is correct and not dumb: winning is better than losing. Also everyone in college basketball this year has struggled against a bad team. But this isn't about that. This is about Rob Dillingham. Is this good? I know I watch too much college basketball and might be 'biased' so you tell me. Is this good? 

Here's my thing. Rob Dillingham fucking rules. He's the most fun player to watch in the country and I say this strictly as a man who loves college basketball. He just throws his body around, makes impossible shots look easy as hell and does this all basically weighing the same as Klemmer. In fact he makes Klemmer look large. 

Everyone wants to remind you that the NCAA Tournament is a guard's game. Who has better guards than Kentucky? DJ Wagner, Reed Sheppard, Antonio Reeves and Rob Dillingham. Pretty good! All 4 can take over a game. People forget DJ Wagner hit 4 threes today, I didn't, but people did. Reed won the game earlier this week. Reeves is an All-American. Then there's Rob. Dude can score with anyone in the country if he has to. Sure he can be frustrating as shit but that's just because Cal hasn't convinced him it's always 5 minutes to go in the game yet. New tweak coming. Oh and Cal drew up not one, but TWO, out of bounds plays - one from the side and one out of bounds - this game. Suck on that haters.