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Vinicius Oliveira Just Landed One Of The Craziest Flying Knee KOs I've Ever Seen


That isn't only the Knockout of the Year in 2024 so far - it's one of the best flying knee knockouts I've ever seen. Vinicius Oliveira just obliterated Benardo Sopaj with this shot (and the entire finishing sequence, to be honest) and put him out cold for what felt like minutes. I believe "ragdoll physics" is a term commonly used in video games, and I think it's appropriate here as well. Sopaj never saw it coming - despite Oliveira running towards him, and jumping into him knee first - and just crumpled in there. He could barely get out of the cage without help afterwards.

This'll FOR SURE earn Oliveira the Performance of the Night bonus he asked for in his post-fight interview, and it'll be on his highlight reel until the day he dies. I'm not sure any flying knee will ever beat Jorge Masvidal's over Ben Askren for me personally, though....

I'm not even a huge Masivdal fan/Askren hater, but I was there cageside for that one, and it was simply unbelievable in the moment.