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Powerlifter's Nose Spouts Blood As She Lifts 600lbs - And She Loves It!

I gotta tell ya, as a 155lb kid who has spent as much time lifting weights as I have doing quantum physics in my life, this video is about as foreign to me as they come. There's no part of it that I "get" - from the appeal in a powerlifting competition itself to why her nose is exploding with blood to the excitement she feels at such a thing; but I can still appreciate it on a purely savage level. This chick is a fucking savage. She's probably cut from the same cloth as the pissing powerlifter, who just plays through it....

Seriously, though, is her brain bleeding in there? Why does her nose just start LEAKING as she pulls the bar up? What's happening biologically there? Too much of that lifting chalk get inhaled? It's badass, yes - but is she gonna be okay?! Let me know.

P.S. At the same event (The Arnold Strongman Classic) - Hafthor Bjornsson aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones went and picked up over 1000lbs like it was nothing....

What a monster. He tore his pec like a year ago and he's already back to easily tossing up A THOUSAND POUNDS in a deadlift.

Clem and I actually interviewed Hafthor a few years ago during the pandemic, and he was a really nice guy. Check it out here….

h/t Luke Thomas for bringing this to my attention via Twitter